Restorative Dentistry

At Midtown Manhattan Dental Arts, we understand that dental problems can occur despite our best efforts to maintain proper oral health. Our New York, NY team of specialists is dedicated to restoring the function, health, and beauty of damaged smiles through our comprehensive restorative dentistry services. We believe that everyone deserves a healthy, radiant smile, and our restorative care is designed to help you achieve just that. Read below to learn more about the restorative care our practice offers!

The Biomimetic Approach

Our practice embraces the biomimetic approach to restorative dentistry, which focuses on preserving the natural tooth structure and mimicking its properties as closely as possible. This approach ensures a strong, long-lasting restoration that not only looks natural but also functions like your original teeth.

Composite Fillings

Composite fillings, also known as tooth-colored fillings, are a popular and modern option for repairing a tooth following decay removal or mild to moderate damage. Made from a blend of resin and glass or ceramic particles, these fillings offer numerous benefits compared to traditional amalgam fillings; this includes the following:

  • Aesthetics: The ability to match the color of the composite material to your natural teeth results in a virtually invisible restoration, allowing you to maintain a beautiful and natural-looking smile.
  • Preservation of tooth structure: Unlike amalgam fillings, which require the removal of more tooth structure to create a stable foundation, composite fillings bond directly to the tooth. This adhesive property allows for a more conservative preparation, preserving more of your natural tooth structure.
  • Reduced sensitivity: Composite fillings are less likely to cause tooth sensitivity, as they do not conduct heat and cold as readily as amalgam fillings. Additionally, the adhesive bond between the composite material and the tooth can help insulate the tooth’s nerve from temperature changes.

Inlays & Onlays

Inlays and onlays are customized restorations made from porcelain or gold, designed to repair moderately damaged or decayed teeth. They offer a balance between the strength and durability of a crown and the minimal invasiveness of a filling.

  • Inlays fit within the cusps of the tooth, while onlays extend over one or more cusps. 

These restorations are a more conservative option than full crowns, preserving more of your natural tooth structure while still providing the necessary support and protection. They are crafted with precision to ensure a perfect fit, and their durable materials provide long-lasting results.


Dental crowns are custom-made restorations that completely cover a damaged or weakened tooth, restoring its strength, appearance, and function. Our dental specialists carefully design each crown to match the shape, size, and color of your natural teeth for a seamless and beautiful result. Crowns can be made from various materials, including ceramic, porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM), metal, and gold, depending on your individual needs and preferences.


Dental bridges are an effective solution for replacing one or more missing teeth in a series. They consist of artificial teeth, called pontics, which are anchored to neighboring teeth with dental crowns or supported by dental implants. Bridges not only restore your smile’s appearance but also improve your ability to chew and speak, as well as prevent surrounding teeth from shifting out of position. 

Our dental specialists will help you choose the most suitable material and design for your bridge, ensuring a comfortable fit and a natural-looking result.

Implant Restorations

The addition of an implant restoration is the final step in the dental implant procedure, replacing the visible portion of the missing tooth. These restorations can be crowns, bridges, or dentures, depending on your specific needs. 

Our dental specialists work closely with you to create a natural-looking and functional restoration that seamlessly integrates with your existing teeth and bite.


We offer various denture options to meet your unique needs, including full dentures, partial dentures, and implant-supported dentures. 

  • Full dentures replace an entire arch of teeth, while partial dentures are designed to replace multiple missing teeth when some natural teeth remain. 
  • Implant-supported dentures are securely attached to dental implants, providing increased stability and comfort compared to traditional dentures.

Our team will guide you through the process of selecting the best solution for your needs, taking into account factors such as the number of missing teeth, your oral health, and your budget. We use high-quality materials and advanced techniques to ensure a comfortable fit and natural appearance. Dentures not only restore your smile but also help maintain the structure of your face, making it easier to eat and speak with confidence.

At Midtown Manhattan Dental Arts, we take pride in the vast array of restorative options we offer and the lives we change through our work. Our team of dental specialists is committed to providing personalized care, ensuring that you are well-informed about all available treatment options and what to expect throughout the process. We collaborate closely with each patient to develop a tailored treatment plan that addresses their unique needs and delivers optimal results.

Let us help you regain your confidence and enhance your quality of life with our exceptional restorative dentistry services at Midtown Manhattan Dental Arts. Call today to schedule an appointment!

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